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KA-S21B B-mount to V-mount conversion Plate 28.8V

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.


B-mount to V-mount 28.8V

KA-S21B conversion plate is to use the B-mount battery to power V-mount cameras or other devices. The ID pin of the B-mount plate is 28.8V, so the V-mount output voltage is 21.6-33.6V range. Please make sure the V-mount cameras or devices support up to 33.6V input.

【Please note that batteries are sold separately】


RED V-Raptor XL Power

The RED V-Raptor XL needs 28.8V high voltage power input to enable the various DC out sockets on the camera.
Use B-mount batteries and the KA-S21B plate will power RED V-Raptor XL at 21.6-33.6V, to active the full functions of the camera, and avoid misuse on other cameras.


Power RED XL by B-mount Batteries

Use SWIT B-mount batteries, including HB-A290B, BIVO-98, BIVO-160, BIVO-200, BIVO-290, and the KA-S21B plate, to power RED V-Raptor XL at 21.6-33.6V high voltage.


KA-S21B B-mount to V-mount conversion Plate 28.8V

Ships in 1-2 weeks.
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