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BIVO-98 98Wh Bi-voltage B-mount Battery

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BIVO-98 is a 14.4V(11-16.8V) and 28.8V (22-33.6V) Bi-voltage B-mount battery, for ARRI cameras and various compatible with regular voltage cameras and cinegears. The battery will recognize the ID pin resistor value of the B-mount plate, and then output 14.4V or 28.8V, without any misuse risks.


98Wh Capacity, 150W Load

BIVO-98 battery is only 38mm thickness and 668g light weight for handheld shooting. It's 98Wh capacity, run at least 1 hour on ARRI ALEXA 35 camera. The battery provides at least 150W constant power load for cine cameras and devices.


2x D-tap Power Output

BIVO-98 provides with 2x D-tap power sockets.
When the battery works at 14.4V voltage,
the D-tap outputs 11-16.8V;
When the battery works at 28.8V voltage,
the D-tap output regulated 16V,
to power all kinds of camera-top devices.


LED Power/Voltage Indicators

BIVO-98 has 4-level LED power indicators and an independent blue LED to indicate battery voltage. When the battery attached to B-mount plate, the blue LED turned on means the battery outputs 28.8V high voltage, and the blue LED off means the battery is 14.4V regular voltage.


33.6V Fast Charging

You can charge 4x BIVO-98 simultaneously on SWIT PC-P461B B-mount charger, at 33.6V, 50W fast charging. The charger will take approx. 3 hours to fully charge 4x BIVO-98 batteries.


Built-in Flash light

You can double press the Power Check button to switch on Built-in Flash light on the rear side of the battery, to help you to find B-mount plate in dark production environment.
Double press the Power Check button again to switch the light off, and it will be automatically switched off after 30 seconds.


1.2 meters(3.9ft) Drop-off Proof

BIVO-98 battery can survive from 1.2 meters(3.9ft) drop-off at any angles, strong and reliable for filmmakers.

BIVO-98 98Wh Bi-voltage B-mount Battery

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