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KA-R31B B-mount Hotswap Plate for MINI / MINI LF with SDI Distribution

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.


B-mount Hot-swap Plate

KA-R31B is a B-mount hot-swap plate for ARRI Alexa MINI / MINI LF install with SDI 1 in 2 out distribution and isolater, power cameras at 28.8V (22-33.6V) by 8-pin DC-IN. When remove the B-mount battery, 8-pin DC output Reg. 28V for hotswapping. You don’ t need to switch off the camera when changing battery.



KA-R31B matches with ARRI original MINI / MINI LF support system by connection with RAB-1 Clamp 2 (K2.0023406).
* KA-R31B doesn’ t include the K2.0023406 clamp.


2mins at 200W load

KA-R31B has 32Wh/3Ah battery cells inside, 200W constant high load, even after 1000 cycle times, the plate can still ensure 2 minutes hot swap time for changing battery.


120s Countdown Display

KA-R31B provides an LCD screen to display countdown seconds when changing battery. When battery is removed, the screen will countdown from 120 seconds. You just need to put on a new battery before it count down to 0.
The new battery will charge the hotswap plate as well. You can see the countdown seconds will go back to 120 after a period of time.


Power and SDI Distribution

KA-R31B provides:
1x 8-pin 28V to ALEXA MINI/MINILF
2x D-tap 14V Reg. output
1x 2-pin LEMO 14V Reg. output
1x USB-A 5V/2A output
1x 8-pin 22-33.6V input (For power station hotswap)

And supports 3GSDI 1 to 2 distribution, with SDI isolater inside, to prevent other camera top SDI devices damage the camera SDI port.


15mm Rod Adaptor

KA-R31B provides with a free 15mm Rod Adaptor in the package, to install on the old style ALEXA MINI 15mm rig system.


KA-R31B B-mount Hotswap Plate for MINI / MINI LF with SDI Distribution

  • ◆ Dedicated for Alexa MINI / MINI LF install

    ◆ B-mount battery attach

    ◆ 8-pin LEMO output to camera

    ◆ 28V, 32Wh 3Ah battery cells inside

    ◆ 200W constant high load

    ◆ At least 2 minutes run time

    ◆ 120 seconds countdown display

    ◆ 2x D-tap regulated 14V output

    ◆ 1x 2-pin LEMO regulated 14V output

    ◆ USB 5V/2A x1 power output

    ◆ 22-33.6V 8-pin input for power station hotswap

    ◆ 3GSDI 1-2 distribution with SDI isolater

    ◆ Aluminum CNC unibody housing

    ◆ Multiple circuit protections

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