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KA-S20B B-mount to V-mount conversion Plate 14.4V

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.


B-mount to V-mount 14.4V

KA-S20B conversion plate is to use the B-mount battery to power V-mount cameras or other devices. The ID pin of the B-mount plate is 14.4V, so the plate will compatible with B-mount batteries that can output 10.8-16.8V voltage (SWIT BIVO series), and supply power to V-mount devices at 10.8-16.8V. 

【Please note that batteries are sold separately】



You can mount KA-S20B to the V-mount plate of the camera, and power the camera by B-mount batteries at 14.4V (10.8-16.8V) regular voltage. Support SWIT BIVO series Bi-voltage B-mount batteries. 


Any V-mount Convert

You can convert any V-mount gears like monitors or lights to B-mount power, at 14.4V (10.8-16.8V) regular voltage.

KA-S20B B-mount to V-mount conversion Plate 14.4V

Ships in 1-2 weeks.
  • ◆ Using B-mount battery on 14.4V V-mount cameras or other devices

    ◆  14.4V (10.8-16.8V) input & output

    ◆  Power solutions for Sony Venice by using B-mount battery

    ◆  All 14.4V V-mount devices compatible

    ◆  Thinner and light weight

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