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ET-N80 NDI EFP Intercom Control Panel

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 weeks.


Intercom Control Panel of NDI® EFP System

ET-N80 is the Intercom Control Panel of SWIT NDI® EFP Multi-camera Production System at director’s side. The Intercom Control Panel can bind with 8 camera adaptors (both HD and 4K versions) and supports link connection for more channels, and with only 1x RJ45 cable connected into the NDI® network.


Full Duplex Intercom

The ET-N80 Intercom control panel supports full duplex intercom between director and cameramen. The director can select camera numbers and communicate with each cameraman, and select ANN button to make annoucement to everyone.


Front Control

The ET-N80 provides a 5-pin headset and a swan-neck microphone, to connect into the front panel, and switchable between the headset and microphone. You can select camera channel, adjust volume, turn off the mic, or mute all the channels, directly by the buttons.


Rear Interfaces

The ET-N80 is connected into NDI® network simply by an RJ45 cable. Set up IP address or rebundle with new camera adaptors by webserver configuration page. The Voice Link port is to serial connect more units, or connect with 3rd party intercom system.


4-wire External Intercom System Connect

If you are using other intercom system like Clear-Com, you can connect this intercom control panel to clearcom through the 4-wire port, and press the link button to take over Clear-Com channels.



ET-N80 NDI EFP Intercom Control Panel

$1,900.00 Regular Price
$1,800.00Sale Price
Ships in 3-4 weeks.
  • ◆ LAN connection full duplex intercom with cameramen

    ◆ Work with both EC-N200 and EC-N200-4K adaptors

    ◆ Select intercom channels or ANN annoucement mode

    ◆ Headphone and swan neck mic connectors

    ◆ 4-wire to connect 3rd party intercom system

    ◆ Webserver configuration and firmware update

    ◆ 19-inch 1RU rack mount

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