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EC-N200-4K 4K NDI Codec Camera Adaptor

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 weeks.


NDI® EFP Production System

EC-N200-4K is the camera adaptor of SWIT NDI® EFP Multi-camera Production System. The camera adaptor will encode camera SDI up to 12G to high bandwidth 4K NDI®, and also decode PGM NDI® source to display as return video. The system has on-board and external TALLY light and support full duplex intercom between cameramen and director.


Full Duplex Intercom

The camera adaptor EC-N200-4K supports 5-pin headset connection, and working together with SWIT ET-N80 Intercom control panel, the system supports full duplex intercom between director and cameramen. You can control intercom volume and initiate the call to director on the camera adaptor.



The EC-N200-4K camera adaptor supports up to 12G-SDI input and loop out, high bandwidth 4K NDI® connected to the network, and HDMI® monitor output for local video and return video.
The camera adaptor provides 5-pin XLR headset connector and 3.5mm jack for external TALLY light, powered by V-mount or Gold mount, or through 5.5mm DC-IN, or powered by PoE.


TALLY Lights

There’ s an on-board bi-color TALLY light to display Red (PGM); Green (PVW). The package also provides an external TALLY light to install on the front of the camera, for the anchor.


Return NDI® Video Switch

The camera adaptor also decode the PGM NDI® source and output through HDMI®. You can use any monitors with HDMI® to display local video and return video in Pic-in-Pic mode, or full screen return video mode, by press the Return button on the camera adaptor.


RJ45 Cable Clamp

The camera adaptor provides a clamp to fix any standard RJ45 cables, which ensure the reliability of connection during video productions.


15mm Rod System

The EC-N200-4K camera adaptor package provides the 15mm Rod system to install between camera and tripod. The Rod system is universally compatible with all kinds of ENG cameras and video tripods, and easy to install.

EC-N200-4K 4K NDI Codec Camera Adaptor

SKU: EC-N200-4K
$2,800.00 Regular Price
$2,700.00Sale Price
Ships in 3-4 weeks.
  • ◆ Encode camera 12G-SDI to high bandwidth NDI®

    ◆ Decode PGM NDI® source to HDMI® output

    ◆ Local video and PGM return video switching

    ◆ Intercom with ET-N80 control panel

    ◆ Intercom mute, call, headphone connector

    ◆ On-board TALLY and external TALLY light

    ◆ DC 11-17V 1.5A and V-mount power input

    ◆ Support 42-57V 0.5A PoE power input

    ◆ Provide clamp to fix RJ45 network cable

    ◆ 15mm rod rail system to install ENG cameras

    ◆ Webserver configuration and firmware update

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