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S-8152A 73+73Wh Dividable Gold Mount Battery

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Large Capacity Battery, Complied with IATA

The IATA DGR regulations restricted the air transportation of over 100Wh Li-ion battery packs:

Battery Capacity

Carry-on Baggage

Air Cargo Shipping

Under 100Wh




Only 2pcs allowed

Not allowed

Over 160Wh

Not allowed

Not allowed

Since the large capacity batteries are quite necessary, SWIT provides the solution of Dividable Battery to comply with IATA regulations. S-8152A can be divided into 2 parts, and each part contains 73Wh capacity, not restricted by air transportation. And when using S-8152A, just assemble the 2 parts, you can get a Li-ion battery pack of 146Wh large capacity.

Note: The restrictions may be different between different airlines.

S-8152A 73+73Wh Dividable Gold Mount Battery

SKU: S-8152A
    • Divide into 2 parts of 73Wh capacity each
    • Not restricted by IATA air transportation regulations
    • Li-ion, 14.4V, 73+73Wh capacity
    • D-tap output socket
    • 4-level LED power indicator
    • Gold-mount type connection
    • Multiple circuit protections
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