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S-3812A Gold Mount Battery Charger

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S-3812A can charge 2 Gold mount batteries simultaneously at Max 6A fast charging current, to SWIT particular batteries. The charging speed is quite faster than normal chargers. The following battery models support 6A fast charging: S-8340A, S-8360A, D-8161A And for other batteries, the charging current is 3A. 


Key Features:

  • 2-ch simultaneous charging
  • Identify battery type and adjust charging method
  • 6A fast charging for SWIT particular batteries
  • 3A charging for normal batteries
  • Support AC to 4-pin XLR output
  • Support battery to 4-pin XLR output
  • LCD display charging/adapting info



S-3812A Gold Mount Battery Charger

SKU: S-3812A
  • Input 100~240VA, 50/60Hz
    Power consumption Max 260W
    Charging output DC 16.8V, Max 6A×2-ch
    Adapting output DC 16.8V, Max 12A
    Working temperature 0°C~+40°C
    Working humidity 10%~90%
    Dimensions 272mm×246mm×97mm
    Weight Approx. 1.85kg
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