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RadioLux-Tx Wireless DMX512 Transmitter

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Professional Wireless DMX | 915MHz reliable transmission Syster
RadioLux is a professional wireless DMX transmission system operated on the reliable 863-928MHz frequency (license-free), with superior stability and interference resistance compared to conventional 2.4GHz wireless, for professional lighting control in Broadcast Studios, live events, conference halls, auditoriums, etc. It includes RadioLux-Tx Transmitter and RadioLux-Rx Receiver (Tx and Rx are sold separately)

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Transmitter to any DMX Console

Just connect the RadioLux-Tx (Transmitter) to any brand DMX512 console by 5-pin XLR DMX cable, and then enjoy the freedom and flexibility of wireless operation to the studio lights.


Receiver to DMX Lights

Simply plug the RadioLux-Rx receiver into the DMX IN port of your studio lights,Then the studio light can receive DMX signal wirelessly from the DMX console, via RadioLux-Tx to Rx. Receiver is powered by 5V USB-A


Control unlimited numbers of lights

Plug RadioLux-Rx for each light in the studio, The RadioLux-Tx can wirelessly control unlimited numbers of Rx within a 1600ft (500 meters)distance, and with a low latency less than 0.03s.


Loop out from Receiver to other lights via DMX cable

Plug RadioLux-Rx to the studio light, and then loop out DMX signal to other lights via DMX cable


Auto Jump to the Best Frequency Channel

With built-in frequency scanner, The RadioLux-Tx Transmitter will automatically scan and select the best frequency channel to keep reliable wireless transmission.


One Key Link and Unlink

Press the link button on the RadioLux-Tx, it will automatically link to all RadioLux Rx in the receiving environment.

Long Press(more than 3seconds) the link button, the RadioLux-Tx will unlink to all Rx. No need to do unlink from Rx side. It is convenience.


On Key Unlink Single Rx

On the RadioLux-Rx, long press the unlink button will unlink this single Rx from the Tx in the system.

RadioLux-Tx Wireless DMX512 Transmitter

SKU: RadioLux-Tx
  • ◆ Working with SWIT RadioLux-Rx receiver (sold separately)  

    ◆ Anti-interference reliable DMX512 transmission

    ◆ 863-928MHz license-free wireless tech

    ◆ 1600ft /500m long receiving range 

    ◆  Less than 0.03 seconds latency

    ◆ Transmitter compatible with any brand of DMX512 console

    ◆ Receiver compatible with any DMX512 supported lights

    ◆ One single Transmitter linked to an unlimited quantity of Receivers 

    ◆ Auto detect and jump to the best wireless channel

    ◆ Transmitter with 5-pin XLR input and output 

    ◆ TTransmitter powered by DC 7-24V 4-pin XLR

    ◆ Receiver powered by 5V USB-A

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