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RadioLux-Rx Wireless DMX512 Receiver

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Professional Wireless DMX | 915MHz reliable transmission System
RadioLux is a professional wireless DMX transmission system operated on the reliable 863-928MHz frequency (license-free), with superior stability and interference resistance compared to conventional 2.4GHz wireless, for professional lighting control in Broadcast Studios, live events, conference halls, auditoriums, etc.  It includes RadioLux-Tx Transmitter and RadioLux-Rx Receiver (Tx and Rx are sold separately).


BUY RadioLux-Tx Transmitter click here

Transmitter to any DMX Console
Just connect the Transmitter (Tx) to your own DMX console by 5-pin XLR DMX cable, and then enjoy the freedom and flexibility of wireless operation to the studio lights.

Receiver to DMX Lights
The Receiver (Rx) boasts a compact design for effortless integration.
Simply plug the Rx into DMX IN port of your studio lights, replacing the conventional DMX cable connection.
Then the studio light could receive DMX signal wirelessly from the console, via RadioLux Tx and Rx to Rx. Receiver is powered by 5V USB-A.

Apply Rx for Each Light
You can plug RadioLux Rx for each light in the studio, and the RadioLux Tx can wirelessly control unlimited numbers of Rx within 1600ft (500 meters)distance, and with latency less than 0.03s.

Apply Rx for Some Lights and Loop to Others
You can also plug RadioLux Rx to some of the studio lights, and loop to other lights by DMX cable if convenient.

Auto Jump to the Best Frequency Channel
The RadioLux Transmitter has wireless scanner built-in, and will automatically jump to the best frequency channel at background, to always keep reliable wireless transmission.

One Key Link and Unlink
Press the link button on the RadioLux Tx, it will automatically link to all RadioLux Rx in the receiving environment.
And Long Press the link button, the RadioLux Tx will unlink to all Rx. You don' t need to operate on the Rx as they are hanging on the ceiling.

On Key Unlink Single Rx
On the RadioLux Rx, long press the unlink button will unlink this single Rx from the Tx in the system.


RadioLux-Rx Wireless DMX512 Receiver

SKU: RadioLux-Rx
  • › Working with SWIT RadioLux-Tx Transmitter(sold separately)  

    › 863-928MHz license free wireless tech

    › Anti-interference reliable DMX512 transmission

    › Receiver powered by 5V USB-A

    › Transmitter compatible with any brands of DMX console

    › Receiver connected with any DMX supported light fixtures

    › One single Transmitter linked to unlimited quantity of Receivers 

    › 500m / 1600ft long range receiving distance

    › Less than 0.03 seconds latency

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