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ME-S10 Professional Closed-Back Field and Studio Monitoring Headphone

ME-S10 is a professional monitoring headphone with closed-back design to help block unwanted environmental noise, Suitable for recording, broadcasting, studio, film field, production/post-productions, live sound and beyond. Equipped with professional-grade protein leather earmuffs provide superior comfort for prolonged wear and enhance durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. 


50mm diameter drivers 

The 50mm diameter drivers further enhance the audio experience, offering a wider dynamic range and immersive soundstage that brings your audio to life.


Frequency response 10Hz to 38kHz and 98dB sensitivity

Featuring a wide frequency response ranging from 10Hz to 38kHz, 98dB sensitivity, and 32ohms impedance, the ME-S10 delivers crisp highs, rich mid-ranges, and deep bass, capturing every nuance of your sound with exceptional clarity and precision.  


The collapsible design & 180-degree swivel ear cups

The collapsible design adds convenience for storage, while the 180-degree swivel ear cups allow for flexible adjustment to achieve the perfect fit and comfortable wearing angles.


Detachable twist-locking cable design 

With detachable twist-locking cable design for securely connection and cable swapping are easily accomplished.


Included 3.5mm to 1.4" adapter 

The included 3.5mm to 1/4'' TRS adapter ensures compatibility with a wide range of audio equipment.


ME-S10 Professional Closed-Back Field and Studio Monitoring Headphone

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