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LA-WR8-R Light Adaptor

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The light adaptor provides standard 5-pin DMX connector, compatible with all standard 5-pin DMX lights.


Key Features:

  • 2.4G wireless, quick connection
  • 400m (LOS) transmission distance
  • Compatible with all standard 5-pin DMX port lights
  • Powered by USB


Power Supply

The Light Adaptor is powered by USB, only 0.5W power.

The professional lights like Skypanel, SWIT PL-E series, FL-C series have USB socket on the light.



LA-WR8-R Light Adaptor

  • Model


    Light Adaptor

    Wireless 2.4G transmission
    Distance 400 meters (Line-of-Sight)
    Input Voltage 5V Micro USB
    Power Consumption 0.5W
    Dimension 110mm×70mm×12mm
    Weight Approx. 47g



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