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LA-WR8-KIT Pocket Wireless DMX controller Kit

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LA-WR8-KIT is a portable wireless DMX controller kit for field lighting applications. It consists of 1*LA-WR8 wireless DMX controller and 3*LA-WR8-R light adapters. This wireless DMX kit is compatible with all lights that support standard DMX512 protocol and is designed to get rid of complex DMX cables and large DMX console. 


LA-WR8-KIT features 2.4G wireless transmission, quick and easy connection, plug and play, anti-interference capability and 1300ft (400m) transmission distance (LOS). 


LA-WR8 controller can be paired with multiple LA-WR8-R light adaptors(receiver). LA-WR8 adopts standard DMX512 protocol. It can control up to 8 channels x 7 groups, 56 DMX channels in total. It is powered by 2 x AA batteries or via the 5V micro USB port. With 2x AA batteries, it can run for about 4 hours.  The controller will enter sleeping mode if there's no operation for 1 minute. 


LA-WR8-R light adaptor(receiver) has a standard 5-pin DMX connector.  It also has a micro USB power input which is compatible with any USB power bank. It has 0.5W power consumption. 


LA-WR8-KIT is recommended to use with professional LED lights that have USB sockets on the lighting fixture, such as Skypanel, SWIT CL-60D, CL-120D, PL-E series, FL-C series, etc.

LA-WR8-KIT Pocket Wireless DMX controller Kit

  • ● Pocket size wireless DMX controller Kit 

    ● Wireless: 2.4G quick connection

    ● 1300ft (400m) LOS transmission distance

    ● Compatible with all standard DMX512 protocol 

    ● 8-ch x 7-group control channels

    ● Kit includes: 1* Controller and 3* Adapter 


    LA-WR8 Controller

    ● Input Voltage: 2x AA batteries or 5V Micro USB

    ● Power Consumption: 5W

    ● Dimension: 7.2x3.3x0.87inch (184×84×22mm)

    ● Weight: Approx. 0.6lb (274g)


    LA-WR8-R Light Adapter(Receiver)

    ● Input Voltage: 5V Micro USB

    ● Power Consumption: 0.5W

    ● Dimension: 4.3x2.8x0.47inch (110×70×12mm)

    ● Weight: Approx. 0.1lb (47g)

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