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SWIT FLOW series Wireless SDI&HDMI Released



On August 2019, SWIT released the 4th generation Wireless video transmission system, the FLOW series, includes FLOW500 - 500ft/150m and FLOW2000 - 2000ft/600m.


Both Transmitter and Receiver have tiny size, support SDI and HDMI Wireless transmission, with SDI loop out.


The 4th Generation 5GHz wireless chip features more stable connection at any influential environment. Comparing to WIFI based wireless transmitters, the FLOW series will connect quickly when powered on, and will not be disturbed by 5GHz WIFI routers, smartphones, under its specified transmission distance.


The FLOW wireless are CE/FCC RF certified, comply with DFS. By "AUTO" frequency, it will scan the wireless conditions and automatically jump to the best channel to work.


You can hand hold the tiny size, light weight receiver with monitor anywhere.


FLOW series Wireless support 1 transmitter to multi-receivers, for focus puller, director, gaffer and other points together. We provide 1Tx & 1Rx standard package and 1Tx & 2Rx package.


For professionals, "Stable" means everything. Try SWIT FLOW series wireless, you will like it. 

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