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TD-R210A 24V/48V Light Stand Power Adaptor

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The high power lights usually use 24V or even 48V high voltage input.
The TD-R210A is a solution to drive these high power lights with only 2x Gold mount batteries, outputs regulated 24V or 48V, high load, portable and easily to be mounted on C-stand.


Output Description
Max 48V 500W Load
Installed with 2x V-mount batteries, the TD-R210A can output 4pin XLR regulated 24V or 3pin XLR regulated 48V DC power. By normal 14.4V batteries, the Max load is 240W; By SWIT 14.4V/28.8V Bi-voltage batteries, the Max load under 48V can reach 500W, to support high power lights like ARRI Skypanel S60-C / S120-C 100% light output.


Battery Type              Outlet                            Voltage             Max Load

SWIT 14.4V/28.8V      3-pin XLR (Neutrik)     48V regulated       500W

Bi-Voltage Batteries  4-pin XLR (Neutrik)     24V regulated      240W


Normal 14.4V             3-pin XLR (Neutrik)      48V regulated      240W
V-mount Batteries    4-pin XLR (Neutrik)      24V regulated      240W

The Max Load should be no more than 2 batteries Max Load sum-up;Recommend to use same model, same capacity batteries to power.


SkyPanel Power Solution

For S60-C / S120-C 100% light output

SkyPanel S60-C / S120-C consume 430W power, and can output 100% light only input 48V DC. Use 2x SWIT high load bi-voltage Gold mount PB-H260A with the TD-R210A adaptor, will output 48V 500W for Skypanel S60-C / S120-C.


Compact & Balanced
25-45mm diameter light stand install

TD-R210A has extremely compact size without fans, and fits on 25mm-45mm diameter light stand – all most all stands. It’s balanced with 2 batteries and reliable locker.


Neutrik XLR Socket

To ensure stable high current output, the TD-R210A adaptor uses Neutrik 3-pin & 4-pin XLR sockets, reliable and safe.

TD-R210A 24V/48V Light Stand Power Adaptor

$550.00 Regular Price
$315.00Sale Price
  • ◆ Install 2x Gold mount batteries
    ◆ 4pin Regulated 24V out, Max 240W
    ◆ 3pin Regulated 48V out, Max 500W
    ◆ 500W by SWIT Bi-voltage batteries
    ◆ For Skypanel S60/S120 100% output
    ◆ Neutrik XLR connectors
    ◆ 25-45mm light stand install

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