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S-8183S 240Wh V-mount Battery

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Adopt High-Load Li-ion Cells

250W, 20A constant power output

Using S-8183S high-load battery, you can get at least 250W/20A con stant power output, which can drive more high power cameras, lightings and other equipments easily, and won’t reduce battery life during long time high power output.


240Wh/16.7Ah High Capacity

Consists of 24pcs 18650 battery cells, and reach 240Wh/16.7Ah high capacity. Can run approx 8 hours for normal 30W ENG cameras; and approx 2.5 hours for ARRI Alexa camera

6A Fast Charging

S-8183S supports 6A fast charging, saving more than 50% charging time, can be charged from 0 to 80% after 2.5 hours, and fully charged within 3.8 hours.

Build-in D-tap DC Output Socket

A D-tap DC output socket is equipped on the top side of S-8183S battery, for DC14.4V (Nominate) connection, such as on-camera lights, monitors, wireless transmitter, etc. Max Power from D-tap is 120W, 10A.


4-level LED Power Indicator

On the side of the battery, there’re 4-level LED power indicators to check the battery remaining capacity. You can get a quick view of capacity before using.

S-8183S 240Wh V-mount Battery

SKU: S-8183S
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