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S-7105 90° D-tap Male to Female Connector

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  • D-tap 90° conversion 
  • D-tap male to female connection 
  • For S-8U63/8U93 on Sony PXW-FS7


D-tap 90° conversion

S-7105 is a D-tap male to female connector of 90° conversion.

Sony PXW-FS7 Application

On Sony new camera PXW-FS7, the D-tap output socket of SWIT compatible battery S-8U63 or S-8U93 is blocked by the camera structure. So you can use S-7105 connector to extend the battery D-tap socket by 90° angle, and connect with other on-camera devices to power.


Power connector (A)    D-tap male
Power connector (B)D-tap female

Warranty Period: One year conditional.

S-7105 90° D-tap Male to Female Connector

SKU: S-7105
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