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S-7010S V-Mount Battery Plate with Multi-DC Output

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S-7010S is the standard V-mount battery plate for customers to adapt V-mount power solutions.


Key Features:

  • To adapt V-mount power solutions
  • Build-in D-tap DC output socket
  • Build-in 7.2V pole-tap DC output socket
  • Build-in 5V/1A USB output socket
  • Robust thickened power pins


Multiple DC Output Sockets

S-7010S provides:

  • 1x D-tap output (Max load 10A)
  • 1x 7.2V/3A Pole-tap DC output(5.5/2.1mm)
  • 1x5V/1A USB output
  • The 7.2V pole-tap and USB output can be switched on/off manually, to save energy when there're no connections. 


Robust Thickened Power Pins

As the updated version of S-7000S plate, S-7010S adopts new robust thickened power pins, fully contact with batteries, and reduce the contact resistance from 2.4mΩ to 0.8mΩ, to ensure safety when high current pass through from battery, especially the Cine-camera power application. 

Adapt and Installation

You can install the S-7010S onto your broadcast equipment by 4 screw positions, which are compatible with the previous S-7000S. DC cables are opened to customer connection, by disassemble the rear plate first. 
Warranty Period: one year conditional. 

S-7010S V-Mount Battery Plate with Multi-DC Output

SKU: S-7010S
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