S-7005S V-mount Battery Plate for Gold-mount Camera

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  • Gold mount camera to use V-mount battery
  • New V-mount release button
  • D-tap DC output socket
  • Smaller in size
  • Stable and reliable connectivity


Adapt V-mount battery to Gold mount camera

S-7005S is used to adapt V-mount batteries to Panasonic AntonBauer gold mount cameras. The front side is V-mount plate, to attach SONY V-mount batteries, and the rear side is AntonBauer gold mount connection for the Panasonic gold mount cameras. 

D-tap Output Socket

The S-7005S adaptor is equipped with a D-tap DC output socket on the side, for simultaneous DC power output to additional on-camera equipment. Nominate voltage is 14.4V 

Durable Release Button

S-7005S is equipped with a new battery release button, with outstanding feeling and resilience, and ensures the stable and reliable connectivity of battery. 


Nominate Voltage 14.4V
Applicable battery V-mount batteries
Applicable camera Gold mount cameras
Dimension 119×99×35mm
Weight 150g

Warranty Period: one year conditional. 

S-7005S V-mount Battery Plate for Gold-mount Camera

SKU: S-7005S