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S-4915 T/R 3GSDI/HDMI 492ft Uncompressed Wireless Video System

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SWIT S-4915 is a set of wireless video transmission system with one transmitter and one receiver. With WHDI (OFDM) technology, the system supports uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI dual video format signals wirelessly transmitted up to 492ft(150meter) with less than 1ms latency. It captures the resolution at 1080p up to 60 fps uncompressed 3GSDI and HDMI dual format video signal. 

The S-4915 wireless system operates on a license-free frequency 5.1GHz-5.9GHz. It also supports multicast function that 1 transmitter with multi receivers. Both transmitter and receiver can be powered by Sony L series battery via attached battery mount or can be powered via pole DC input of 6.5-17V.

S-4915 T/R 3GSDI/HDMI 492ft Uncompressed Wireless Video System

SKU: S-4915
    • Professional WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology
    • Uncompressed 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI dual video formats
    • 2-ch SDI/HDMI embedded audio transmission
    • 492 ft (150meters) LOS transmission distance
    • Latency: ≤1 millisecond
    • 5.1-5.9GHz license-free operation frequency
    • User configurable frequency bands
    • Multicast – 1 transmitter to multi receivers
    • Less than 63mW radio power
    • AES 256bit encryption
    • Receiver with Internal antennas design
    • Sony L series plate
    • All-metal housing, durable
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