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S-4601 HDMI to SDI Converter

Availability: Usually ships the next business day


S-4601 is a HDMI to 3G/HD/SD-SDI converter. It supports HDMI audio embedded into SDI output; analog audio (3.5mm socket) input, embedded into SDI output. 

S-4601 is heavy duty housing design, protecting the BNC connectors well, and supplied various screw threads in the bottom, for convenient installing, and future accessories (battery mount, etc)


Standard Package

S-4601 standard package includes:

  • 1x AC-DC power adaptor (A-PA03)
  • 1x Install plate (A-IP00)

Warranty Period: Two years conditional.

S-4601 HDMI to SDI Converter

SKU: S-4601
    • Portable HDMI to 3G/HD/SD-SDI Converter
    • 1 HDMI input, 2 SDI output,
    • 1 analog audio (3.5mm) input
    • Embed HDMI audio to SDI output
    • Embed analog audio (3.5mm) to SDI output
    • HDCP content not supported
    • Power/input/output status indicator
    • Heavy duty housing
    • Bottom screw threads for installing
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