S-3602C Charger/Adaptor for Canon BP-945/970G

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S-3602C is a dual channel simultaneous charger for SWIT S-8845/S-8945 and compatible with Canon BP-945/970G series DV batteries. It has battery shaped adaptor outputs for Canon XM1/XM2, XL1/XL2, XH-A1/G1/H1 cameras and corresponding equipment. It is also available for charging in one channel and adapting in the other channel. 


Item includes: 1 x S-3602C charger 

Warranty Period: two years conditional

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S-3602C Charger/Adaptor for Canon BP-945/970G

SKU: S-3602C
    • 2 channels simultaneous charge
    • 2 DC adapting output sockets
    • Applicable for SWIT S-8845/S-8945 DV batteries
    • Compatible with Canon BP series DV batteries BP-945/970G
    • 4-level LED charging indicators
  • Input AV 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
    Charging output DC 8.4V, 2Ax2
    Adaptor output DC 8.4V, 3.5A
    Applicable battery SWIT S-8845/S-8945 
    Canon BP series BP-945/970G
    Applicable camera: Canon XF100/105/300/305
    Canon XM1/XM2, XL1/XL2, XH-A1/G1/H1
    Dimension 5.4x4.3x2.0 inch /136x110x47mm
    Net weight 0.8lb/380g