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S-2041 Chip Array LED On-camera Light

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The S-2041 on-camera LED light adopts the new generation LED technology called Chip Array LED, which integrates the LEDs into a chip with high brightness output but in smaller size, and the most remarkable, it offers a equally spread, soft, glareless light, similar to the traditional Halogen bulb light. 

S-2041 Chip Array LED On-camera Light

SKU: S-2041
    • Chip Array LED technology
    • 23W, 1200Lux @ 1 meter, dimmerable
    • 100W equivalent output
    • Single shadow, glareless
    • 60° wide beam angle, equally spread
    • Cool touch
    • 5000K color temperature
    • 5600K and 3200K filter
    • Color rendering index: 85
    • 6-17V wide input voltage
    • Interchangeable DV mount and battery
    • Screw and cold shoe mount
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