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PC-P461S 4x100W Super Fast V-mount Charger

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.


4x100W Fast Charger for both 14.4V and 28.8V batteries

PC-P461S can charge 4 V-mount batteries simultaneously, support both 14.4V and 28.8V nominal voltage batteries. Super fast charging 100W/6A for 14.4V batteries, and 100W/3A for 28.8V batteries, save up to 60% charging time comparing to normal chargers.

for SWIT less than 160Wh and other brands batteries, the charging current is limited to 50W/3A. PC-P461S is compatible with SWIT and Sony batteries (not recommended for charging other third-party batteries, it might not charge the third-party batteries correctly or cause the damage on batteries)

【Please note that batteries are sold separately】


3.5-inch Color LCD Display

PC-P461S provides a 3.5-inch color LCD panel to display charging progress, charging current and voltage.
For batteries with SMBUS info, it will display real time capacity and battery cycle times as well.


Top Charging Indicators

Besides LCD screen info, you can check the charging status at a glance by the 4 large size indicators on the top of the charger.

Red on: 0-80%
Green flashing: 81%-99%
Green on: 100% fully charged
Red flashing: Charging error, check LCD info


Light Weight and Portable

The 4 channel fast charger PC-P461S has minimized the size and weight, and the new handle design makes the charger solid and easy to carry.

PC-P461S 4x100W Super Fast V-mount Charger

  • ● 4-ch simultaneous fast charging
    ● Charging both 14.4V and 28.8V V-mount batteries
    ● Automatically identifies SWIT 14.4V & 28.8V batteries to switch the charging voltage 
    ● 100W/6A for SWIT 14.4V & ≥160Wh batteries
    ● 100W/3A for SWIT 28.8V & ≥160Wh batteries
    ● 50W/3A for SWIT ≤ 160Wh batteries 
    ● 50W/3A  for other brands batteries 
    ● 3.5-inch color LCD info display 
    ● Top large charging indicators
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