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MVIO DELAY Compact HD/SD Video/Audio Time-Delay

Availability: Usually ships in next business days.


MVIO delay-HD20s provides effective video/audio delay for HD or SD signal in a 1U half chassis. It is suitable for short-time delay or audio/video and simple operation.


MVIO delay-HD20s supports self-adaptive HD/SD input signal. The delay time is up to 20 seconds and minimum is frame. It has built-in frame synchronization, supporting H-phase adjustment. It supports lip sync adjust, the adjustment range is ±15 frames. The front is configured with Delay/bypass/mute three buttons. Through the wheel, user can easy see and adjust working parameters. With build-in webserver, user also can remote control and adjust via web page. 


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MVIO DELAY Compact HD/SD Video/Audio Time-Delay

    • 1U half chassis structure, compact, easy to install.
    • Support self-adaptive HD/SD input signal, the delay time is up to 20 sec. and minimum is 1 frame. Adjust frame by frame available.
    • Built-in frame synchronization, support H phase adjustment.
    • Support relative delay of video/audio (lip sync), adjustment range is ±15 frames.
    • Supply delay/bypass/mute control button.
    • Build-in Web server, user can remote control via web page easily.
    • High cost performance.
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