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MIO MVS-4IP IP Quad Viewer

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Based on Mini BOX platform, MIO MVS-4IP is a high-quality four viewers display system. It supports 10Gbps uncompressed IP multi-cast IP stream, based SMPTE2022-6. Up to 4 channels HD/SD SDI signal input or 3ch. 3G SDI. It provides the HDMI + HDSDI duplicated output, and IP streaming output, 
image same as SDI output , HDMI output can reach 1920 x1080p, HDSDI output can reach 1080 p 50/60. 

MIO MVS-4IP can be conveniently and flexibly set to monitor such as display input resolution, AFD information, safety frame. It supports multiple resolution output, provide video and audio detection and alarm, such as black Field, frozen and audio overweight, It supports SNMP. It can be real-time managed and monitored by Network, via Ethernet. 

MIO MVS-4IP widely used in the studio, video conference center, broadcast prison see room, outside, multimedia dispatching command center and so on the many kinds of applications.


MIO MVS-4IP IP Quad Viewer

    •  Based SMPTE2022-6, compatible with a variety of formats signal adaptive input. 
    • Support HDMI+HDSDI+IP output system. 
    • Support the same input signal displaying in different windows  
    • Provide build-in web server to control whole system via RJ45 interface 
    • Audio signals from input source are selectable to be embedded into HDMI or HDSDI output signal on the web control page 
    • Flexible output options:4:3, 16:9, customized aspect ratio 
    • Editable one program UMD and up to 8 channel audio meters display 
    • Provides several kinds of timer: air timer and countdown timers, analog and digital clocks types 
    • Mark key signal/signals to find it/them rapidly in one complicated layout 
    • Support user-define the border color of each channel separately or cancel border display 
    • Support format display of input signal and AFD information display 
    • Video/audio auto detection and alarming, such as video loss, video frozen, video black, audio silence, audio overload with high rate of accuracy 
    • Two forms of alarm: text alarm and icon alarm 
    • Support customized layout to preset various layouts for different application, such as studio, OB van, production room and so on  
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