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The MIO DEC-AUD is a small, high-quality analog video to SDI video converter. The MIO DEC-AUD converts one channel of analog video (CVBS/YUV/YC) to two identical SDI video channels while embedding one analog stereo audio signal into each serial digital signal. The format of the input signal can be NTSC or PAL. The output supports SDI video in both the 525i 60 and 625i 50 formats. Known for its compact functioning, the converter is widely-used in TV program post production, studios, broadcasting, etc. 


    • Analog video (CVBS/YUV/YC) to SDI video conversion
    • Select the analog input (CVBS/YUV/YC) by DIP Switch
    • Adopt 3-pin interface as audio interface
    • Broadcast quality with 10 bit processing and 48KHz audio sampling
    • LED lights indicate the status of input signal and the power
  • IAnalog video input
    Input interface: 3*BNC connection 
    (Selectable CVBS/YUV/YC input model)
    Impedance: 75Ω 
    System: PAL/NTSC 
    Max cable length: 200M (Belden 8281)

    Analog audio Input 
    Input interface: 2*3pin (Balanced)
    Impedance: 600Ω 

    Digital video output 
    Output interface: 2*SDI, BNC connection 
    Impedance: 75Ω 
    Format: SMPTE 259M-C270Mb/s, 525i60/625i50 
    Signal Level: 800mV±10% 
    Rise time: 750~1500PS 20%-80% 
    Fall time: 750~1500PS 20%-80% 
    The difference between rise and fall: ≤500PS 
    Jitter: <0.2UI 

    Status indicator: 
    Input signal status indicator 
    Power indicator (Indicate by shining or extinguishing of the green LED)

    Power consumption: 
    Power: 12VDC 1A 
    Dimension: 123mm*92mm*29mm 

    Warranty Period: One year conditional.

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