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MIO AV-AViewer CVBS to DVI/HDMI converter with video & audio monitoring

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Based on Mini BOX platform, MIO AV- AViewer is a high-quality video and audio 
converter which can convert one CVBS signal to DVI or HDMI signal for digital display devices, such as LCD, DLP, and Plasma. It is the ideal ways to monitor digital signal. 

MIO AV- AViewer can be controlled by Ethernet network via IE browser, which is 
convenient to configure the display parameters. The device provides various output resolutions and audio and video detection, such as signal loss, signal freeze, audio silence and so on. The text of UMD program can be edited freely.  
Although the device adopts DVI output interface, the HDMI signal can be obtained by using a DVI to HDMI adapter or cable. In HDMI mode, the video and audio are 
embedded into HDMI signal. 



MIO AV-AViewer CVBS to DVI/HDMI converter with video & audio monitoring

    • Auto detect input video format of 525i60, 625i50, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.
    • compact SDI to DVI scaler DVI/HDMI output resolutions up to 1920x1080p with a loopthrough SDI output
    • HDSDI to DVI converter Audio and video monitoring and alarm for signal loss, signal freeze, black field and so on
    • mini HDSDI to DVI scaling converter Real time video waveform analyzer
    • HDSDI to DVI scaler Dynamic UMD & Static programmable bi-color UMD
    • HD-SDI to DVI scaler Active Format Description (AFD)
    • HD/SD-SDI to DVI scaler 8 channel audio UV meter display
    • HD SDI to DVI scaler Select:4:3, 16:9 & full screen display, customized aspect ratio with 4:3 or 16:9 safe maker
    • HD/SD-SDI to DVI scaling converter Build-in web server allows user to remote control the unit easily by a WEB browser
    • HD SDI to DVI scaling converter SMNP & Tally protocol support
    • HD SDI to DVI converter LED lights for input signal status and power status
    • HD/SD-SDI to DVI converter Quick key to change output display resolution
    • portable HD SDI to DVI/DVI scaling converter Compact sized and maintenance free
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