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MIO AD-AUD Analog Audio to AES Converter

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The MIO-AD-AUD is a miniature Analog to AES digital audio converter. The MIO-AD-AUD Converts four channels of balanced analog audio to two groups of AES/EBU digital audio with broadcast quality 24 bit processing. Output audio group selected by DIP switch.
The MIO AD-AUD requires a 12V DC power from an optional AC to DC power supply or 12V external source, such as a camera or battery. For user confidence and convenience there are two LEDs that indicate the status of source signal and power.


  • Supports 2 analog audio stereo signals input and 2 AES audio signals output
  • Effectively converts 4-channel balanced analog audio to 2 group digital audio
  • Adopts the BNC interface (unbalanced mode) for outputs and 3-pin interface (balanced mode) for inputs
  • Flexibly combines the left and right channel via a DIP switcher to form 1 AES signal
  • 2 channels of AES flexibly to form
  • Provides a variety of full scale standards (+18dBu / +20dBu / +22dBu / +24dBu)
  • LED lights on the Mini box indicates the status of source signal and power supply (Denoted by the shining or extinguishing red and green LEDs)
  • Mini box structure can be easily installed inside the frame racks, video walls, and more
  • Adopts 3-pin for audio interface
  • Broadcast quality with 24-bit processing and 48 kHz audio sampling
  • Based on the Mini BOX platform
  • Widely used in broadcasting systems, fields of studio, and other professional fields

MIO AD-AUD Analog Audio to AES Converter

    • Convert four ch. balanced analog audio to two groups of AES digital audio
    • Broadcast quality with 24 bit processing and 48KHz audio sampling
    • Locks to any AES reference from 32-96KHz or free runs at 48KHz
    • Input gain controls to cover all commonly used levels
    • Selectable output Audio group
    • LED indicators for signal source and power
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