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GA-PT30E DMX Motorized Pantograph

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0.6m-3m DMX Motorized Pantograph

GA-PT30E pantograph is an overhead support system that offers DMX motorized control up and down positioning of studio lights, 10cm/s speeed. The professional video studios can adjust the lights height by DMX console, and the expansion length is 0.5m - 2m, Max load 30kg.


DMX Address Display

On the front panel you can set DMX address for the up and down control of the pantograph.


Rear Interfaces

On the rear panel it provides AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz in and loop out, PowerCON True1 connectors, and DMX 5-pin XLR input and loop out for serial connection.


Rear Cable Organizer

On the rear side of the pantograph, it allows you to fix light power cable or DMX cables on to each section, and when the light is moving up and down, the cables will be well organized, stretching together with the pantograph.


Ceiling Hook Connect

GA-PT30E pantograph can be connected with 2x ceiling hooks easily by screw bolts. SWIT provides the hook GA-DG75 perfectly matches with the pantograph.


Studio Light Connect

On the bottom end of the pantograph, it provides a screw bolt and a nut. You can fix it on the yoke of studio light fixtures conveniently.
* Please remove the baby pin socket on the yoke of SWIT lights, and then install pantograph.

GA-PT30E DMX Motorized Pantograph

$999.00 Regular Price
$899.00Sale Price
  • ›  Aluminum alloy heavy duty material

    ›  Strong 30kg load 

    ›  0.6m - 3m expansion length

    ›  DMX motorized stretch control

    ›  10cm per second moving speed

    ›  5-pin DMX in & loop out

    ›  SpeakON AC power in & loop out

    ›  Provide cable organizer on rear side

    ›  Connect with hook by screw bolt

    ›  Connect with studio light by screw bolt

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