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E-2010P Power Supply Unit

Availability: Usually ships in 4-6 weeks


Power station of SWIT Fiber Camera System:

E-2010P is the Power Station of SWIT Fiber Camera System, provides power to CCU E-1040P and all camera adaptors E-4020 in the system via CCU.

E-2010P Power Supply Unit

SKU: E-2010P
  • Key Features:

    • The Power Supply Unit of SWIT Fiber Camera System
    • 19" 1U standard rack mount
    • AC 100-240V or DC 120-370V input
    • Main and Back Up power input
    • DC 48V 9A power output to CCU
    • Build-in multiple power protection
  • Input and Output:

    E-2010P Power Supply Unit supports:

    • 2x Power input (Main and Backup)
    • 1x DC output


    Power Load

    The E-2010P Power Supply Unit can drive CCU and distribute power to all cameras via CCU. The camera end power load will be limited by the length of Lemo or Neutrik cables.

    The Max Load reference is:

    Cable Length

    Max Load

    100 meters


    200 meters


    300 meters


    If the distributed power is not enough at a long distance cable work, Please attach a spare batteries to the camera adaptors E-4020 to power locally.  


    Multiple Power Protections:

    E-2010P Power Supply Unit supports multiple power protections, including: 

    • Over Load protection: Switched to limited current mode, and will recover to normal automatically when load dropped down.
    • Over Voltage protection: Stopped power output, and will recover to normal when restart E-2010P.
    • Over Temperature protection: Stopped power output, and will recover to normal automatically when temperature is dropped down.


    Standard Accessories:

    E-2010P Power Supply Unit provides:

    • DC power cable to CCU x1
    • AC power cable (Global standards) x1

    Warranty Period: two years conditional.

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