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E-1040P 4-ch Center Communication Unit

Availability: Usually ships in 4-6 weeks


Center Communication Unit (CCU):

E-1040P is the CCU, includes 4 camera channels input via Lemo or Neutrik cables, and with build-in intercom control panel.

E-1040P 4-ch Center Communication Unit

SKU: E-1040P
    • The CCU of SWIT Fiber Camera System
    • 19" 1U includes 4 camera channels
    • Allow cascading for more channels
    • Offer Lemo or Neutrik input for option
    • Sony/Panasonic Camera Remote input
    • TALLY and return SDI input
    • Build-in Intercom control panel
    • Headset and Microphone input
  • Input and Output:

    E-1040P CCU supports:

    • 4x Lemo or Neutrik camera channel inputs
    • 2x SDI outputs for each fiber channel
    • 4x Remote control input (Panasonic or Sony)
    • 1x Return SDI input
    • 1x Return SDI loop output (for cascading)
    • 1x Intercom cascading loop
    • 1x TALLY input (DB9)


    Complete EFP Application:

    SWIT Fiber Camera System offers a complete EFP solution via Camera Adaptor E-4020 and the CCU E-1040P. The supported transmission includes:

    • Camera SDI to CCU
    • Switcher returned SDI to cameras
    • Full duplex intercom between cameras and CCU
    • TALLY signal from CCU to cameras
    • Camera remote control at CCU
    • Power distribution from CCU to cameras


    Lemo / Neutrik Connector:

    E-1040P CCU supports Lemo 3K.93C cable or Neutrik NO2-4FDW-A cable for optional. In this system, the Lemo/Neutrik optical fiber cable offers Max 20km transmission distance without power supply, and 300m transmission distance with 55W power distribution to camera (independent channels), by connecting with Power Station E-2010P. You can also directly insert LC pure optical fiber cables into Neutrik connector to achieve all communications except power supply. 
    Note: Lemo/Neutrik is not included with the product.  


    Remote Control Input:

    E-1040P CCU supports Camera Remote controlling input. Connect camera remote port to camera adaptor E-4020, and connect remote controller to CCU, so that you can control all the cameras in the system at CCU end. The remote control support both Panasonic and SONY cameras, and the RCU input port of E-1040P is 10-pin standard, you can directly connect with Panasonic remote controller, and E-1040P CCU also provides a conversion RCU cable to connect with SONY remote controller.

    Return SDI and TALLY input:

    E-1040P CCU supports Switcher return SDI and TALLY input and distributed to all cameras in this system. Use SWIT S-1071F(EFP) on-camera LCD monitor, you can see return SDI video of Pic-in-Pic displayed over local camera SDI video. The system provides a return SDI button to be fixed on tripod handle, and press the button will popup the PIP return SDI window, and release the button, the window disappears. The return SDI loop output Is for cascading another CCU if more than 4 camera channels are working.

    Intercom Control Panel:

    The front panel of E-1040P CCU integrated the intercom control panel, supports Full duplex intercom with all cameras in the system. Director can set private mode with particular cameras or broadcast mode to all cameras. The package offers both headset and goose neck microphone, for optional. For cascading mode, the E-1040P provides intercom link connection port to another E-1040P CCU.

    Power Input:

    E-1040P supports 12V and 48V power input. The 12V input powers only the CCU itself, and the 48V input can distribute power to all cameras in the system. By connecting with Power Station E-2010P, the CCU can supply MAX 90W power (each channel) at 100m distance via Lemo or Neutrik cables, and MAX 80W at 200m, MAX 55W at 300m, etc.

    Standard Accessories:

    E-1040P CCU provides the following essential accessories for you to build up system:

    • Headset x1
    • Goose neck Microphone x1
    • RCU conversion cable
    • (10pin-male to 8pin-female, 20cm) x4
    • Intercom link cable x1

    Warranty Period: two years conditional.

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