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LB-CA50 Battery kit for Canon C200/C300 Mark II

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days


This battery kit is designed for powering C200/C300Mark II /C200B via a D-tap to LEMO cable. This kit includes 2x LB-CA50 Batteries, 1x PA-B2L4 D-tap to LEMO cable and 1x PC-U130B2 charger. LB-CA50 battery has one D-tap DC out socket for attaching the D-tap to LEMO cable(PA-B2L4) then plugs this cable into Canon camera's DC-IN port to power Canon cameras. 


LB-CA50-KIT includes:

  • LB-CA50 battery x2
  • PA-B2L4 D-tap to DC cable x1
  • PC-U130B2 dual D-tap heads charger x1


Canon EOS C300MK2 and C200 Compatible

Replace Canon BP-A60
LB-CA50 is the replacement battery for Canon BP-A60 battery, power Canon EOS C300mk2 and C200 cameras via additional D-tap to camera DC-IN cable 


73Wh / 5.1Ah capacity

With 14.4V nominal voltage, the LB-CA50 has 73Wh / 5.1Ah capacity and can run approx. 6 hours on Canon EOS C300mk2 camera when LCD monitor is on.


D-tap to DC-IN cable

The special D-tap cable PA-B2L4 is for LB-CA50 battery to power Canon EOS C300mk2 and C200 cameras.


Charge via D-tap socket

The LB-CA50 can only be charged via D-tap socket. SWIT provides the Dual D-tap heads 3A portable charger PC-U130B2 to charge LB-CA50 battery.
It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to charge 2 LB-CA50 batteries from 0 to 100%. 


Build-in 5V 1A USB socket

LB-CA50 has a 5V/1A USB-A power output socket to power cell phone or other devices. Press the “Check” button to trigger on USB output and the USB output will automatically switched off if no devices detected for a period of time, to save energy. 


4-level LED Power Indicator

The LB-CA50 battery has the 4-level LED power indicators to check the battery remaining capacity. You can get a quick view of capacity before using. 

LB-CA50 Battery kit for Canon C200/C300 Mark II

    • Li-ion battery 14.4V
    • 73Wh/5.1Ah
    • For Canon EOS C300MK2, EOS C200
    • Power via D-tap to camera DC-IN port
    • Charge via D-tap socket
    • 4-level LED power indicator
    • 5V/1A USB charging output
    • Multiple circuit protections
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