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The EFP field monitor S-1071F(EFP) are based on S-1071F model, and have the additional picture-in-picture function, which enable the EFP system cameraman to monitor the switcher returned SDI or CVBS video on the same screen of the local SDI/HDMI monitoring. 

To simplify the cable connection, the EFP field monitor S-1071F(EFP) provides a multi-functional DB-9 interface, which has centralized DC power input, CVBS input, picture-in-picture switch on/off and TALLY light controlling. In your build-up EFP system, you can use only one DB-9 cable to input everything, instead of the complex cable work. 

The S-1071F(EFP) adopts a 7-inch LCD panel, 1024xRGBx600, H/V: 160/160 viewing angle and 1:900 contrast. The monitor provides a wide rage of professional features, including waveform, vector scope, RGB histogram, red/blue switchable peaking focus assist, 16-ch HDSDI audio meter, time code, false color, blue only, zebra, internal colorbar and so on. 

S-1071F(EFP) accepts 2 HD/SD-SDI, 1 HDMI and 1 Composite video, and has 2 HD/SD-SDI loop through output, 1 HDMI loop through output. 

S-1071E 7-inch EFP Field LCD Monitor

SKU: S-1071F-EFP
    • 7-inch LCD, 1024x600
    • 2x HD/SD-SDI input and 2x loop output (BNC)
    • 1x HDMI input and 1x loop output
    • 1x CVBS input (BNC)
    • Under SDI input, PIP display another SDI or CVBS
    • Under HDMI input, PIP display another CVBS
    • HDCP content not supported
    • Overlay window position selection (4 corners or center)
    • Multi-functional DB-9 port
    • 2-ch SDI or HDMI embedded audio meter display
    • Waveform ¡§C Y/Cb/Cr, R/G/B, and full scale (SDI&HDMI)
    • Vector scope, R/G/B Histogram (SDI&HDMI)
    • SDI timecode display
    • Peaking focus assist (SDI&HDMI)
    • False color, Blue only, Zebra stripes (SDI&HDMI)
    • Underscan / Overscan, safety mark, Video flip

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